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A New Approach to Education for Dental Clinicians


Learn to Implement Surgical Dentistry into Your Practice.

Functional Crown Lengthening to Soft Tissue Grafting to Various Implant Procedures. 

First, I was lectured to by one of the best speakers, but more importantly I was inspired! That happens only to me when I listen to “TED talks” online, usually. In a nutshell, it leaves me speechless. Your lecture aditionally was timely, in that same week, I saw a patient suffering from peri-implantitis. I had mentioned what I had just learned to him and although he was referred back to the original practitioner. I have a strong feeling that you will be seeing him. In addition, I and my patients are frustrated with single unit restorations that require “flippers” in the interim while we wait the months for implant loading, as per oral surgeon request. I always wondered why with my readings they did not do these implants and immediate restorations. As you mentioned Chicago implant practitioners seem to be a little behind, at least in Schaumburg, or least with our referral group.I decided during your lecture, you would hopefully be our implant referral, if possible for those patients who can make the trip to Chicago. So again, I cannot thank you enough for; the informative talk, a new referral base, but most important the inspiration! I look forward to working with you, and thanks again.
— Bruce Costagli DDS: Schaumburg, IL
Dr. Petrungaro truly expresses his commitment and enthusiasm for the dentist to achieve their full professional potential in becoming ‘complete clinicians.’ Clinically, he treats each case with an interdisciplinary approach which allows the dentist to deliver the highest and most beneficial level of care to the patient seeking improvements to their health and beauty. It truly has been an honor to work with Dr. Paul Petrungaro not only in offering my patients spectacular care, but also the mentorship he brings to each case.
— Ty Etheridge DDS: Seattle, Washington
Dr. Paul’s been a great mentor because a lot of the surgical skills and surgical techniques that you really need to implement - he is really well versed in. He is very good at teaching you hands on.
— Dr.Vincent Colletti DDS (IL)
He’s wonderful! He gives you everything so you can use it. He is very understanding.
— Dr. Jamie Estrada DDS (FL)
I’ve been to thousands of hours of continuing education courses during my 21 year dental career as an oral surgeon and I can honestly say that your course was not only the most stimulating and educational but truly enjoyable. You’re certainly on the cutting edge of the implant field and you have helped to change my thinking about immediate implant loading, which will not only be a great asset to my patients but will also help develop the implant portion of my practice.
— Mark Kroll DDS: New York City, NY
Dr. Petrungaro is an enthusiastic educator and an expert in the field. I am so fortunate to have attended his classes and learned the amount of information that I have. The procedures are beyond what I could’ve imagined and I’m excited to use them on my patients.
— Lily Walters DDS: Indianapolis, IN
Dr. Petrungaro has performed complex implant and periodontal procedures on my patients for over 15 years. His skill as a surgeon in the delivery of progressive and innovative therapies is equaled by his dedication to the health and well being of each and every patient. His knowledge of the interrelationship between the periodontal and prosthetic is unparalleled. I have also been involved in academic programs with Dr. Petrungaro for as many years. No one leaves his programs without a fundamental understanding of the Peri-Prosthetic relationship and its influence on the functional, and ultimately, the aesthetic final clinical result. He is a leader in implant surgery and my relationship with him has very positively enhanced my prosthetic practice.
— Michael D Smilanich DDS: River Falls, Wisconsin
Dr. Paul has always been on the cutting edge of surgical dentistry and is one of the top dental educators in his field. His simplified approach to complex procedures is a benefit to both the experienced and inexperienced clinician.
— Dr. Stephan Towns (Periodontist, IN)