Dr. James Chapko

General Practitioner, Surgeon

Chicago, IL

Dr. James R. Chapko received his undergraduate degree in the Integrated Science Program (ISP) from Northwestern University in 1981. He received his Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree from Northwestern University Dental School in 1985. Upon graduation, he was an instructor at Northwestern in the operative department and discovered that he had a talent and passion for teaching.

Dr. Chapko has operated a private practice in Belvidere, Illinois for over 30 years, with an emphasis on surgery, implant placement, and implant related prosthesis.

Dr. Chapko founded Implantwide, L.L.C. in 2009 in response to his vision for a surgicenter/teaching center that allowed the collaboration of dentists and surgeon mentors in an open and sharing environment. In alignment with the vision is the unbiased usage of over 12 types of implant systems; a broad array that fosters unbiased decision making regarding the advantages and disadvantages of each. Dr. Chapko has a passion for, and demonstrates a unique ability at integrating and teaching surgical and prosthetic implantology from a restorative general practice vantage point. A member of the ICOI, AGD, and ADA, Dr. Chapko has placed over 4000 implants and mentored over 100 dentists.

Dr. Chapko is married to Elena, they have one son, Aiden, age 2, and baby girl Vienna.