Live Surgical Training Course

Location: Manizales, Colombia

Dates: July 30 - August 03, 2018

Fee: $15,000

All Inclusive One Week Training Course

This is a comprehensive curriculum tailored to the participants learning objectives.

Faculty has extensive experiences in all procedures.

  • One-On-OneTraining in Implant Dentistry and the Associated Disciplines
  • Dental Implant Placement
    • Single, Multiple sites
    • Immediate Extraction Sites
    • Edentulous Ridges
    • Bone Site Preparation
  • SinusGraftingProcedures
    • Socket lift, crestal approach
    • Lateral Wall Technique
  • AdvancedBoneGrafting
    • Autogenous, Allogenic, Alloplastic Approaches
    • Membrane Techniques
    • PRP/PRF Havesting and usage
      • Tissue Harvesting from Palate
      • Acellular Dermal Matrix Grafts

Please contact Joseph Dankha to register for this course. 

(224) 226-3772