“First, I was lectured to by one of the best speakers, but more importantly I was inspired! That happens only to me when I listen to “TED talks” online, usually. In a nutshell, it leaves me speechless. Your lecture aditionally was timely, in that same week, I saw a patient suffering from peri-implantitis. I had mentioned what I had just learned to him and although he was referred back to the original practitioner. I have a strong feeling that you will be seeing him. In addition, I and my patients are frustrated with single unit restorations that require “flippers” in the interim while we wait the months for implant loading, as per oral surgeon request. I always wondered why with my readings they did not do these implants and immediate restorations. As you mentioned Chicago implant practitioners seem to be a little behind, at least in Schaumburg, or least with our referral group.I decided during your lecture, you would hopefully be our implant referral, if possible for those patients who can make the trip to Chicago. So again, I cannot thank you enough for; the informative talk, a new referral base, but most important the inspiration! I look forward to working with you, and thanks again.”

Joseph Dankha